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  Online Training Options & Services

Basic-Online Training Program (No Access to a Personal Trainer):

Use the IT'S Fitness online fitness program to tailor your workouts to your specific fitness needs, and achieve your own fitness goals. We priced the Basic-Online Program so that it was affordable for everyone, and so that you can still use it no matter what equipment you have or where you are.

The program includes:

  • Personal Fit Profile
  • Basic Workout Plans, Nutrition Plans and Goals
  • Track Activities and Calories Burnt


Pro-Online Training Program (No Access to a Personal Trainer):

With the IT'S Fitness Pro-Online Program workout on your own to achieve your goals with some added features that are not part of the basic program. This provides you with all the necessary tools to help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

This program includes:

  • Personal Fit Profile
  • Unlimited Basic Workout Plans, Advanced Nutrition Plans and Goals
  • Track Activities and Calories Burnt
  • Unlimited Goals and Progress Tracking
  • Add Your Own Activities
  • Full Workout Player
  • Print Options
  • Workout Plan Creator
  • Full Privacy Option
  • Pro Picture Frame
  • Full Support for Connective Devices
  • No Third Party Advertizing On Site


Online With Trainer Program:

Combine working with a personal trainer and our online program to attain your fitness goals!

How this program works:

  • Work with a professional personal trainer:
    • you may either select from one of our Personal Trainers based on their Biography.
    • OR
    • A Trainer will be selected for you based on your personal goals and lifestyle analysis.


  • Lifestyle Analysis
    • Two (2) Thirty (30) minute Skype sessions with your Personal Trainer.
      • Initial introduction consultation
      • The second one will be decided by you and your Trainer
    • Lifestyle and Goals Analysis Questionnaire.
  • One (1) Professionally Designed Fitness Program Per Week - based on your lifestyle and goals analysis questionnaire.
  • Unlimited access to Hundreds of new and innovative "Professionally Designed Work-out Programs" other than the ones created by your trainer.
  • Body Metric's Calculation: Find out what your body type is!
  • Nutrition Diary and Guidance from your Personal Trainer based on your personal body Metrics, lifestyle analysis and Goals.
  • Select from a multitude of App's related to fitness and your personal goals.
  • Participate in Challenges designed to maximize your specific training requirements.
  • Connect with other training enthusiast from around the world to gain knowledge, encouragement, and ideas.
  • Record and Track your progress. Your personal trainer will review your progress once per week to ensure you are on track and to alter or expand on your training program. They forward an email to you with their thoughts and opinions as to what needs to be done to achieve your goals.
  • Your Trainer will have set times and dates by which you can contact them via email and telephone. You will need to consult their schedule to find out contact times.
  • Weekly newsletters covering all topics relevant to a healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle.